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We Treat Our
Customers Like Family.

We’re a relaxed crew of liquidation professionals who believe good business means doing good. On big sale days, we tend to offer cookouts, raffles, even cornhole games. On top of that, we try to offer our pallets so competitively that our deals truly can’t be beat. 


Happy Clients

You read that right, our brand is beloved by over 5700 happy clients, and more are coming every day. 


No Picking

In an industry replete with scammers and bad dealers, we are determined to stand out.

Auctions Are Your Chance to Really Get a Steal!

We intermittently offer pallets on auction. Often these are primo meds and talls, 

See A Few Examples

We wouldn’t expect anybody to trust what a salesman pitches sight unseen. That’s why we try to post preview videos on most of our pallets and give you the same eagle-eye view we get out on the sales floor.

We're A Real Business

In a world full of scammers and fake businesses, we’re the real deal.

Check Out Some Real Pallets

This is just a super-quick walkthrough of pallets recently sold from our floor.

One Of Our FB Pallet Sales

Comment “Sold” and it’s yours when we post! We keep things easy.

But you don't need to take our word for it.

We have a lot of devoted customers who have been coming back year after year. Instead of letting us tell you how great we are, here are some REAL reviews from REAL clients and customers.

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Can't say much more about this place other than it is great. Honest and great help when it comes to reselling things. bought a pallet last night and with in less than 24 hours I got my money back and was able to keep several safes for my home. One of them retails for 600ish (24 guns it holds ) , it looks like it was a floor model and has scratches on the bottom of it but it is a safe that will be kept in the corner of the basement. I was also able to pass on another extra large digital safe to a brother of my at cost. breaking it all down, it was $75 but retails for over $300. wish I have more space so I could buy 8-10 pallets at a time. Thank Steve for everything.

Robert Douglas

Steve and his crew are great people. SCD sales and liquidation has a variety of pallets with great prices. The pallets have furniture, home goods, electronics, paper goods, flea market items and more. I got a great deal on a generator! Every week the pallets are different and worth the money. This week I pulled a pallet with an iPhone 11pro!! Steve's staff is friendly and helpful. I highly recommend SCD Sales and Liquidation!

Melissa Silverman

What We Do at SCD Sales & Liquidation.

A lot of new entrants into the liquidation and wholesale world probably wonder how this process works and what makes all these moving parts fit together. Effectively, major brands and retailers often need to move retail items off shelves to make room for newer models or different brands, and need to do something with products with damaged boxes or they ordered too much of.

To save time and make something on these products quickly, they usually pile similar sizes of package together, in broad categories, onto pallets. As they collect these products, they offer liquidators like us to haul it away by the truckload for a percentage of MSRP.

Some businesses sometimes turn around and stock these products on their own shelves. Others, like us, sell these pallets to other buyers and try to pass the savings on to small or local businesses who don’t have the business connection to buy liquidated stock from retailers or the warehouse space to hold full truckloads.

And That's The Secret Sauce. You Get to Buy Name-Brand Products At A Fraction Of Retail.

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